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what we love doing.

Our team of dedicated engineers provides professional consultancy, development, support, training and maintenance services for your institution's Invenio repository. The CERN-developed Invenio software is designed to provide a flexible and high performance solution while keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.

Main Services

» Invenio Installation. Remote or on-site technical services to assist your institution in the installation and initial configuration of Invenio.

» Invenio Customization. Remote or on-site technical services to assist your institution in the creation of new features and customizing existing ones.

» Invenio Training. On-site Invenio developer and administrator training for your staff.

» Support & Maintenance. Remote technical services to assist your institution in maintaining and troubleshooting your Invenio repository.

» Cloud. Providing cloud solutions that make the preservation of your content simple and cost effective.

Unique Technology

» Powerful search engine. Scalable for over 5 million records.

» Flexible metadata. MARC21 metadata format. Compliant with ISO2709, securing smooth migration of existing data.

» Customization. Endless user personalization possibilities, such as UI customization, user defined baskets, e-mail notification and group defining options.

about us.

TIND Technologies was established in 2013 to meet the demand for support by the growing user group. TIND Technologies is delighted to be receiving active support from CERN and working closely with CERN’s Invenio development team.

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